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Head of Labs at Temporall, where I apply behavioural, social and data sciences to solve complex organisational problems related to people and culture.

Senior Research Officer in Sustainable Finance, at the Blockchain & Climate Institute, where I focus on topics including biodiversity markets, financial risk related to green investments and ESG.

Author of the blog Sustainability Therapy

Research Experience

Biodiversity & Environmental Psychology

I led the design and deployment of NatureBuzz an app designed to understand the connection between subjective well-being and biodiversity. Our goal was to provide the foundation to advise landscape management policies. This environmental psychology project was a collaboration with Cambridge Zoology Department and Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI). 

Open IP Policy research: iMED Project

Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Project iMED proposed an alternative funding model for medicines, in order to optimise both worldwide access to life-saving drugs. While today, when we purchase medicine, we pay simultaneously for the cost of innovation (very expensive) and the cost of production (very cheap), the Remuneration Right Fund model proposed to separate the 2 streams, thus optimising pharmaceutical innovation and allowing anyone to access the medicines they need. 

Cambridge Yoga & Well-being study

While working at the Cambridge Prosociality and Wellbeing Lab, at the University of Cambridge, I led a 6-week randomised controlled trial, including 200 participants, seeking to understand the impact of yoga on healthy adults' well-being. The results have been published in the journal Psychosocial Intervention

Social Well-being: a White Paper 

Life Itself is a think-tank working at the intersection of ancient wisdom traditions and modern science. The Research Institute exists to create a shared vocabulary that enables the discussion of inner life on matters of public importance. 

Cambridge Policy Research Group 

I supported multiple research projects related to cooperation, trust and the perception of tech. See publications. 


Talks & Lectures

  • How can we accelerate towards a fair and sustainable future? Chatham House UNconference 2023

  • Culture, Neuroscience and Sustainability, University of Oxford, 2019

  • Sustainable Well-being: the Challenge of Aligning People, Planet & Purpose, Plenary talk, Conservation Optimism Summit 2019

  • The Hidden Face of Well-being, TEDx Lafayette, Paris, 2018

  • Your Brain, Sustainability and Becoming a Citizen-Scientist, Zoological Society of London Huxley Lectures, 2017 

  • Conservation Optimism Summit 2017 

    • Session 1: Using Neuroscience to Transform the Way we Communicate About Sustainability

    • Session 2: Does time spent in nature improve our mental health?

  • Does biodiversity promote greater human happiness? Nature Matters Conference, Cambridge, 2016 

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