I started LifeCloud after 3 years of research in neuropsychology at the University of Cambridge. LifeCloud and my method for consulting are the results of compiling and integrating the best models, concepts, interventions & assessment method for human flourishing. I nurtured an interdisciplinary skill set was originally built out of a personal need to understand and overcome fibromyalgia, a chronic pain and fatigue disorder. I am a biology and neuroscience graduate, turned psychology researcher, turned behavioural scientist.

My mission to create contexts in which people can thrive.

If the science of well-being has taught us one thing it is that happiness, vitality, and well-thinking are precursors of performance and success. This has nothing to do with the absence of problems, it is about the ability to deal with them.

Why Life Cloud?

In a time of highest technological advances and human tightest interconnectedness:

  • Stress and anxiety are leading causes of mental ill health burden 

  • 300M people are depressed in the world, right now

  • Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide

  • 800 000 people committed suicide last year

An entire generation is going through a purpose crisis. To move beyond this crisis in meaning, we need to redefining what it means to be well. 



Our job as a society (from parents to educators or employers) is to create a space and a culture which enables people to perform at their best. Life Cloud is dedicated to create the mental, physical, emotional and social arenas that allow people to shine.


We put people first

People thrive when they have the psychological safe space and strength to do so: we build nurturing environments, strong communities, resilience and personal empowerment.


Help you define what it means to thrive within your context and designing strategies to meet your goals.


Roll out a tailor-made program to integrate well-being or create culture change.


Measure and analyse impact in order to readjust the strategy and delivery.

People Walking



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