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  • Laurie Parma

What is well-being anyway? More importantly, what does it mean to you?

On self-awareness and curiosity.

The amount of information available about what you should do to feel good can be overwhelming. Eat this. Do this type of exercice. Listen to this show. Have more of this, have less of that. A plethora of choices tends to trigger in us a phenomenon called choice paralysis. Meaning, the more choice we have the harder the choice and the more likely we are not to be satisfied with it, or make one, at all.

We are chronically overinformed and under practiced.

A cure to this mess is to apply more Self-Enquiry, or Self Curiosity as I like to call it. Accepting the fact that everyone (or organisation) is fundamentally different from one another. We have different needs, life styles, hobbies, schedules, bodies, hearts and minds. Which call for different well-being approaches. Take yoga and meditation. Both extremely valuable, both different, and more or less adapted to the needs, personality and schedules of different people.


Self-curiosity means questioning to blind acceptation of any method (even science-based), because all research obeys the law of averages, and well... If we were all 'average' or more or less the same, we would know that already.


Being self-curious is about taking the initiative to try for oneself, see how it feels, figure out whether it works or doesn't. It is having the curiosity to go beyond our own view point, beyond what averages say, and explore novelty.


This is what LifeCloud is all about. Taking the evidence and going further. Trying, testing, exploring, doing one's own experimentation. With purpose and the responsibility for one's own joy.


Keep exploring. Enjoy the journey.

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