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  • Laurie Parma

Life Cloud Manifesto

I’m a scholar in the science of well-being and dedicated to bridge the gaps I see in my field:

  • Foster a genuine vision for human flourishing (for people, spaces and organisation)

  • Declutter the overwhelming amount of overlapping theories to the profit of applicable solutions

  • Develop person/project/space/organisation-tailored plans to support human thriving

Why read on?

This webpage could change your life (in all modesty). The goal is to dare replace science in a test tube with your own personal experience or project constraints. I propose to create a real-life laboratory with a mission to discover:

'How to maximise thriving?'

The ambition is to empower clients to use their own experience, constraints and behaviours as opportunities to explore, learn and grow through developing self-awareness. The point is to enable living by design, rather than by default.

In short, turning life or projects into a laboratories. Developing a powerful wellbeing vision as well as curiosity, self-reflection, and emotional intelligence. Well-being is not a one fits all concept, so let's use science to find out what strategy works best for each individual and projects.


Leveraging the diversity of well-being methods and interventions to create purposeful, effective and tailor made strategies.This is what Life Cloud is all about.

The 3 major problems of well-being science communication

1. Low quality over-information.

Due to the proliferation of incomplete, partially accurate (or even inaccurate) and unreferenced information circulated to generate clicks or sales.


2. The illusion that information implies action: A lack of practice

We are not rational creatures. Information, even the most accurate and clear, simply does not pull human beings to act. Emotions, identity and deep seated aspiration do. Keeping the discourse purely informative leads us to remain under-practiced.


3. The absence of actionable knowledge

Few book or articles are actually structured to provide actionable knowledge. Information we can actually take action upon, most likely every single day to create new behavioural patterns. A new format is required to create behaviour change.


An ocean of well-being science is currently flooding into the world. And with it fads, gurus, fashions, trends and industries are flourishing. How many self-help books? How many articles clicked? How many classes have you attended? Not to mention apps, wristbands and other devices. We have all gone quite literally crazy for well-being, up to the point of almost making it a consumable rather than an everyday practice. Paradoxically we don't know where to start. This overwhelming volume of decontextualised, incomplete, unstructured, and unreferenced 'tips' and 'bits' tend to freeze our willpower. The more options we have the more likely we are not to make a choice (at all). That's 'choice paralysis' for you.


No shortage of strategies, clearly, if anything, there's too many of them. We all know that eating healthy is good. That doing exercise is good. That keeping stress at bay is good. Why don't we do what we know we should do? Solve our problem? We are irrational creatures, programmed to survive rather than thrive. Feeling every moment with joy is a job. So - how to move from simply knowing what's good to doing what's good?


The current formats and channels for well-being do not facilitate integration. Repeating new behaviours and habits requires consistent engagement. None of us can afford to re-read books and article repeatedly to make concepts stick. To facilitate autonomy, we need blueprints and simple recipes that sit and stick in our minds, something easy to access and remember. Consistency is key.


The science of thriving has treasures to offer to live more fully and ease the pains of life. Hundreds of techniques, articles, books, methods, exercises available. Given the advanced state of knowledge on well-being, it is paradoxical that disorders such as depression are on the rise.

We already have the tools to make ourselves happy. The real issues are accessibility, integration and personalisation.

The ambition of LifeCloud is to provide an appropriate format to use the science of well-being and tailor it to each individual's (or organisation's) specific needs.



Easy access and integration

of well-being know-how.

Practise-based and comprehensive.

High-quality, low quantity.

Redundancy proof.


Develop awareness

and personalised interventions.

Leave the quest of averages to science.

Choose to live by your own design.

Curiosity & Wonder

Exploration and refinement of experience is what Life Cloud is all about. Self-curiosity is to accept that everyone has a unique beautiful mind. Believing curiosity can transforms experience into options is at the core of our journey.

Awe and wonder are the most powerful catalysts to this enquiry process into our experience. They are the perception expenders, the gateway to genuine connection to something greater than ourselves.

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